Freelance web- and gamedeveloper

I'm a multi-disciplined developer

I specialise in...

API Design and integrations

Designing and developing an API or RESTful service for your application. I also integrate and combine web API's.

Game development

Developing Flash and HTML5 games. Singleplayer, multiplayer and cross-platform social games.

Web development

Creating scalable web applications in both front-end (HTML, CSS and Javascript), as well as backend (in PHP, Python or NodeJS).

Payment integrations

Providing payment method/service provider integrations, webshop modules and custom website integrations.

"I've made my passion my work,

And it's amazing."

Hi there,

I'm Olaf and I'm a freelance web/game developer and a SCRUM enthusiast.
I strive to design high performance and responsive multi-platform applications.
Which I do combining front- and backend into a clean, usable experience.
Lately I'm completely into developing games for HTML5.




Actionscript 3


Python and C#




A handful of previous projects.

HTML5 Prototype


You are able to play and log-in from any device. Optionally the demo will connect through Facebook to use your first name for display.

This project is developed as a prototype to test what the capabilities of multiplayer in pure javascript are. Also how to work around interupted communication by switching from mobile networks (wifi/3g/4g) and picking up an older session.

You're welcome to test it yourself on the computer and a mobile device.

"The Legend of Zelda" logo, music and sprites are property of Nintendo. I do not claim to be the owner in any way.

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Magic Solitaire


Magic Solitaire is one of three games created under the "World Suite" label. These games were developed in Unity and targetted for Facebook as Flash games.

I developed a client to handle communication between Unity, Flash and all external services.

Services include the Facebook API/dialogs, analytics, Spil Games API and PlayerIO.

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Flash game

I've created this minigame in Flash to tell my dear colleagues at ICEPAY I've found a new challenge at Spil Games. This game was made during the course of one day as I already had developed the engine and obtained game assets.

"Megaman", "Zero", "Vile" and used Megaman sprites are property of Capcom Ltd. I do not claim to be the owner in any way.

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Payment modules


For a payment service provider in The Netherlands I've designed and developed their PHP API and webservice API. I've also developed several webshop modules/plug-ins for webshops and content management systems.

Modules have been developed for Magento, OpenCart, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and more.

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De Profs XXL


This is one of the most recent webshops I've designed and built. The core webshop is based on OpenCart.

At the moment the shop functionality has been switched off on their public website as they undergo content maintenance.

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MMO Flash game

This provocative 16+ mafia game consists of a lot of interconnected minigames and fetch quests, even some turn-based two-player games.

As freelancer I've developed the minigames and the framework on a monthly release cycle.

Don't want to log-in? Play the minigame instead.

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I'm currently working full-time, but feel free to contact me.